We have carefully chosen our partners after extensive personal testing, and consider them to be the best brands in the markets, each with a different factor that makes them unique. Below you will find our partners.

Love Hemp

Love Hemp is one of the finest available CBD brands in the UK. Their oil is also made in the U.S. without any additives, pesticides or herbicides. This makes for a vegan-friendly, completely GMO-free product which is also CO-2 extracted. Suitably, their oil tastes fairly rich and full-bodied.

In our own experience the product tastes very pure and clean. If you are new to CBD you would do well to consider Love Hemp as your first CBD brand. They offer a reliable and effective CBD.

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Purekana is an authentic U.S. CBD brand, producing all of their CBD in Kentucky. Their vision is to provide you with the highest quality products for an affordable price. Another things that really sets them apart from others is their aesthetic choice. Their bottle designs are a breath of relief for a CBD industry where the designs are usually quite stale or medical, and really speaks to their American roots.

In our own experience PureKana has created some very high quality products. They also offer a huge amount of varieties in flavours and product options, while at the same time keeping things affordable. If you are looking for long-term CBD use, and want an affordable product that is highly effective at the same time this is the product for you. As an added advantage, you will look cool while doing it with these designs.

Unlike many of our competitors, we still source all of our hemp from right here in the USA. Kentucky produces some of the purest, highest quality CBD-rich hemp on the plant, and we are proud to source from Kentucky farms.

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MediHemp is focused on 2 things: a completely biological production process, and products of the highest possible quality. The hemp is produced in a sustainable and biological way.
Aside from that they are also one of the few CBD brands who have all certificates to boast about their quality (Austria Bio Garantie and more). On top of that the are constantly testing their products, with these tests being performed by themselves as well as externally. All these results, and the complete contents of each product, are available to the public.

In terms of quality this product leaves little to the imagination. In our own experience too this is a very high quality product. If a completely biological production process or certified quality products are on the top of your mind, this is the brand for you.

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